ScentLogix™ EVD Explosives Instrument Calibration Products

ScentLogix™ Electronic Vapour Detection (EVD) Explosives Products 

The ScentLogix™ Electronic Vapour Detection (EVD) Calibration Scent Kits are the world’s first purpose built non-hazardous scent kits for devices and instruments that use vapour sampling methods for the detection of illicit and hazardous substances, such as explosives and narcotics, for implementing research activities and for the generation of realistic training programs and scenarios involving these instruments.

The Kits comprise of research-grade scent signatures and integrants that can be used for a vast array of methodical R&D in explosives and narcotics vapor detection. Furthermore, being essentially fragrances, ScentLogix™ EVD ScentKits components are non-detonable and non-narcotic and so can be handled, transported, used and stored in methods and forms, which, as hazardous substances, would otherwise be dangerous or impossible.

ScentLogix™ Explosives EVD Products

ScentLogix™ EVD ScentKits are available for a full spectrum of chemical explosives, including entropy-burst explosives such as TATP and HMTD, in either parent odour or in scent simulant configurations which are particularly useful for advanced research and development work involving the comparison to the responses of surrogate scents to electronic detectors.

Typical EVD instruments include large port-of-entry type detection machines such as Ionscan Sentinel II (made by Smiths detection), VE6000® (made by Scintrex Trace), EntryScan Series (made by GE), portable commercial systems such as Mobile Trace, StreetLab, Itemiser, Itemizer FX (made by GE) Ionscan Series, Saber 4000 (made by Smiths Detection), the EGISTM Defender Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) System (made by Thermo Scientific), Mini-Nose™ 1000 Series (made by Scent Detection Technologies), E5000®, N2000®, E3xxx® and EVD® 3xxx Series of detectors (made by Scintrex Trace), Fido XT (made by ICx Technologies) and for laboratory bench instruments used in electronic nose, optical, IR/Raman, THz and other R&D activities in vapor detection.

The ScentLogix™ Explosives EVD Scents come in different versions:

  • Commercial Instruments
  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Surrogate Odour


Commercial Instruments EVD-C-HMTD-000000 $ 1500
Laboratory Equipment EVD-L-HMTD-000000 $ 600
Surrogate Odour EVD-S-HMTD-000000 Call

ICAO-Mandated Explosive Taggants

Commercial Instruments EVD-C-TAG-000000 $ 250
Laboratory Equipment EVD-L-TAG-000000 $ 180
Surrogate Odour EVD-S-TAG-000000 Call

RDX (Untagged)

Commercial Instruments EVD-C-RDX-000000 $ 250
Laboratory Equipment EVD-L-RDX-000000 $ 180
Surrogate Odour EVD-S-RDX-000000 Call


Commercial Instruments EVD-C-STX-000000 $ 280
Laboratory Equipment EVD-L-STX-000000 $ 180
Surrogate Odour EVD-S-STX-000000 Call

Smokeless Powder (Double Base)

Commercial Instruments EVD-C-SP-000000 $ 250
Laboratory Equipment EVD-L-SP-000000 $ 180
Surrogate Odour EVD-S-SP-000000 Call


Commercial Instruments EVD-C-TATP-000000 $ 1500
Laboratory Equipment EVD-L-TATP-000000 $ 600
Surrogate Odour EVD-S-TATP-000000 Call


Commercial Instruments EVD-C-TNT-000000 $ 250
Laboratory Equipment EVD-L-TNT-000000 $ 180
Surrogate Odour EVD-S-TNT-000000 Call