New Scent Reference
Material Cadaver

Formulated to find all stages of descomposition in different

New Scent Cadaver!

ScentLogix™ introduces our MultiPurpose Cadaver Scent-Reference Material & Scent-Detection ScentKit, designed to bring Unmatched Versatility to Land/Air/Water Cadaver Detection Programs World-Wide, and to Enable the Imprinting and Maintenance Training of Cadaver-Detection Working Dogs to International Standards of Detection, Understanding, and Certification.


• 1 x SLK-CAD- ScentLogix™ Cadaver Scent Reference Material
• 1 X SLK-SB2 ScentLogix™ Above-Ground StashCage.
• 1 X SLK-PB ScentLogix™ Protective Bag


Sealable Plastic Bags
Non-Porous Glass Marbles.


• Scientifically Formulated “Scent-Reference Quality” Human-Remains Odor!
• Non-Hazardous, Non-illicit
• Represents Odor of 2 x 140 LB Cadavers
• Represents All Stages of Decomposition
• Represents All Races, All Genders, All Ages.
• 10 Year Shelf-Life; Operational Life: 28 Months
• Multifunctional & MultiPurpose – For Air/Land/Water Use
• Unparalleled Effectiveness, Longevity, Value, and Product Support!!!

MSRP: US$848.98

SARWorld, ScentLogix is Here!
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