The cross-disciplinary group of scientists, statisticians, engineers and behaviourists merging with a seasoned core of veteran ex-military and law enforcement personnel and the resultant technological innovations have enabled ScentLogix™ to provide a first class packaged turnkey service in areas of public safety and homeland security which more than frequently exceeds the expectations of our clients.




Education & Training

Our instructors are experts within their area-of-specialization and are all either ex-military or ex-police personnel. Additionally, all courses are modular and can be formatted to suit the needs of any private or government client. Although our language specialties are in English and Spanish, we can work with translators to provide our services in any language that suit your instruction needs.

Examples of the courses / classes we offer are as follows:

  • Explosive Detection Dog Handler / Trainer Instruction (Basic and Advanced)
  • Narcotics Detection dog Handler / Trainer Instruction (Basic and Advanced)
  • Dual Purpose Dog Handler / Trainer Instruction (Basic and Advanced)
  • Decoy training
  • Working Dog Selection Training
  • Advanced ScentWork and Odor-Understanding Training
  • Explosives Identification Awareness Instruction Courses
  • Narcotics Identification and Awareness Classes


We have developed novel ways on how components of scent detection training doctrine can be improved across the board. It is our scientific knowledge, its practical application and our active participation in the scent detection world over the last decade with our innovative and world-class K9 scent training aids and EVD devices and instruments calibration scent kits that have enabled us to so.  We provide our consulty with:

  • Provision of Detector K9 Training Programs & Infrastructures to Nations
  • Specialised Education Consulting & Training Services


Our involvement in contracting and project management was a direct result from the successful training programs and consultancies that we designed and delivered. Our clients insisted that for best results their implementation should be through ScentLogix™.

Our approach involves a thorough analysis and identification of security loopholes, troubleshoots them and then provides methods and systems to bolster them.

We can investigate ways our clients’ security setup might be counteracted by the responses and deceptions of foes, adversaries and subversive entities and thereafter design tailor-made solutions guaranteed to provide an upgraded security-optimized environment that thwarts their efforts.