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To order any of our products or accessories, please send us an email at with the following information:

    Note: If you're not the end-user, please state Company or Agency name of End-User

    As soon as this information is received we will send a quote. After you review/approve the quote and method of payment approved or confirmed, your order will be processed, packaged and shipped.  


    Please note: The Replacement Scent-Reference Materials listed on our pricelist are for pre-existing customers. To ensure product efficiency we require our new customers to purchase our 1-Aid (Handler) or 2-Aid (Trainer) ScentKits which contain all necessary accessories.


    We thank you for choosing our revolutionary brand of industry-standard ScentKits for your K9 imprinting and training program, and we look forward to receiving your order. You will love ScentLogix, the World’s Finest Scent-Training Aids!




    The ScentLogix Team!