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ScentLogix™ Users in the News

Once in a while, ScentLogix™ users come up in the news. These users, who are typically locally, regionally, nationally or internationally recognized in their field, use our products as an integral part of their scent detection program. And you can be assured that with ScentLogix™ being used as part of their scent-training program, their K9s are receiving the best scent training the world has to offer today. Here are some of such users…

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  • Brad Croft, Founder, Universal K9, talks to ABC News about saving dogs from "doggy death row" and training them using ScentLogix to detect explosives and narcotics and then deliver the K9s to local Police Departments for free!
















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[/citem][citem title=”New Business Offers Drug-Hunting K-9s For Hire, CBS Sacramento, February 8, 2012″ id=”citem_104″ parent=”collapse_81″]

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Activities & Demonstrations

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[/citem][citem title=”NASDU Annual Security Dog Trials 2015″ id=”citem_30″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”American Working Dogs & Vohne Liche Kennels 16th Annual 2015 Seminar & Certification Trials” id=”citem_29″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”H.I.T.S. 2015″ id=”citem_28″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”K9 Cop 2015 Police & Military Working Dog Conference & Vendor Show” id=”citem_27″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”BPSCA Service Dog of the Year Trial 2015″ id=”citem_26″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”Impact Police And Canine Training 2015″ id=”citem_25″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”NAPWDA National Workshop 2015″ id=”citem_24″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”IABTI Annual International In-Service Training 2015″ id=”citem_23″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”2015 Police K-9 Conference & Vendor Show” id=”citem_22″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”Security & Policing Home Office Event 2015″ id=”citem_21″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”Transport Security Exhibition 2014″ id=”citem_20″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”American Working Dogs & Vohne Liche Kennels 15th Annual 2014 Seminar & Certification Trials” id=”citem_19″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”National Police Canine Association Training 2014″ id=”citem_18″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”K9 Cop 2014 Police & Military Working Dog Conference & Vendor Show” id=”citem_17″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”Security & Policing Home Office Event 2014″ id=”citem_16″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”Transport Security Exhibition 2013″ id=”citem_15″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”Police K-9 Hits 2013″ id=”citem_14″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”K9 Cop Mag: Police & Military Working Dog Conference 2013″ id=”citem_13″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”LAW DOG 2013″ id=”citem_12″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”NASDU Forum and AGM 2013″ id=”citem_11″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”DOD MWD Training Seminar and K9 Trial 2012″ id=”citem_10″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”The Government Security Conference & Expo 2012″ id=”citem_9″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”K9 Cop Mag: Police & Military Working Dog Conference & Vendor Show 2012″ id=”citem_8″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”Trace Explosives Detection Workshop 2012″ id=”citem_7″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”Transport Security Expo & Conference 2012″ id=”citem_6″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”FPED VII 2009″ id=”citem_5″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”Military Working Dog: Warrior Police Challenge 2009″ id=”citem_4″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”LAW DOG 2009″ id=”citem_3″ parent=”collapse_59″]

[/citem][citem title=”NAPWDA National Work Shop 2009″ id=”citem_2″ parent=”collapse_59″]

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