ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits

ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits for the Detection of Illicit and Hazardous Substances enable the development of quantitative scientific methods and standards into K9 training programs, and also optimizes detector-K9 proficiency by providing the trainer with a better understanding and control of the training process. With the availability of ScentLogix™ K9, detection programs take a quantum leap into the future, and to the forefront of such scientific R&D that begets cutting-edge technology and application breakthroughs.

ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits are the world's first and most comprehensive suite of non-hazardous ScentKits scientifically developed for the training of K9s in the scent-detection of explosives and narcotics. These double-blind tested, multi-operational ScentKits set a new gold standard for all K9 scent-detection training kits, including real explosives and narcotics.

ScentLogix™ training aids are better training aids than DEA-provided narcotics typically used as training aids. We also are the world’s #1 producer of double-blind tested TATP, HMTD, HME and IED training aids and the only producer of inert varieties of these aids.

ScentLogix™ detection kit's non-hazardous specifications and overall detection range exceeds current Worldwide (US, Canadian, British, European Union, Australian, South African, etc) Military, Police and Customs K9 Kit specifications for explosives and narcotics detection. Each and every ScentLogix™ training aid has been tested and proven to enhance the efficiency of detector K9s in detecting the real substances.

In terms of safety, ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit components are non-illicit and non-hazardous, and can be handled, transported, deployed and stored in methods and forms which, as illicit or hazardous substances, would simply be impossible.

Benefits of ScentLogix™ K9 Products

ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits have the following clear benefits:

  • A Chemically Formulated ScentKit with an Odor Consistency Better than the Real Material
  • Enable the Creation of Non-Hazardous and Realistic Training Scenarios
  • All products have been Double-Blind Tested Multiple Times
  • Easy To Transport, Store and Use
  • Consistent Long-Lasting & Non-Hazardous Odor
  • No Extinction Training of ScentKit Required
  • Can Be Used Within Built-Up and Civilian Environments
  • Superb for Green-Dog Training
  • Trains K9s to Detect Both Small and Large Amounts of Target Material
  • Can Be Used to Evaluate the Competence of Detector K9s Previously Trained on Other Training Aids
  • Opens Training Opportunities to all Breeds of K9s
  • Enables Effective Training in All Climatic Conditions
  • Provides The Only Available K9 Training Aid For TATP, Methamphetamine, IED's and HMEs
  • Each ScentKit can be Used to Generate Odor Equivalents of over 1000 lbs of Explosives (or Narcotics)
  • Proven and Effective usage in many CONUS and OCONUS Operational Theatres
  • Virtually the whole range of standard, plastic and improvised explosive configurations (+1200), and narcotics can be detected using ScentLogix K9's ScentKits within a K9 training program
  • Collectively, the suite of ScentLogix™ K9* ScentKits provide a new gold standard for K9-detection training kits, including kits that contain real explosives and narcotics!

Facts about ScentLogix™ K9 Training Aids

  • The ScentLogix™ K9 portfolio of explosives training aids has been expanded to form the most comprehensive set of explosives' scent-detection training aids in the world
  • The ScentLogix™ portfolio of narcotics training aids has been expanded to form the most comprehensive set of narcotics' scent-detection training aids in the world
  • ScentLogix™ detection kit's non-hazardous specifications and overall detection range exceeds current Worldwide (US, Canadian, British, European Union, Australian, South African, etc) Military, Police and Customs K9 Kit specifications for explosives and narcotics detection
  • All Scentlogix™ K9 products have now been double-blind tested by numerous military, police, and private organizations from all over the world
  • Green dogs trained exclusively on ScentLogix™ have been certified within by USPCA, CNCA, IPWDA, NNDDA, NAPWDA, AWD and WDDO organizations, and by overseas K9 agencies spanning 3 continents
  • A green dog trained on ScentLogix™ won the 2009 USPCA top dog competition in narcotics detection. The dog that came in 2nd was also trained on ScentLogix
  • ScentLogix™-trained K9s won more medals at the 2010 VLK Olympics than all the other competitors combined. The same feat was performed during the 2011 Olympics!
  • K9s (green dogs and peroxide-green dogs) trained on ScentLogix's TATP and HMTD training aids have gone on to pass FBI and ATF TATP odor recognition tests with no problems whatsoever. The United States Special Forces and US Army Ranger Groups now exclusively use ScentLogix TATP and HMTD training aids for their CONUS and OCONUS training and theatre operations
  • In 2010, after an intense evaluation process and double-blind studies, ScentLogix™ training aids were adopted as the official training aid for the Federal Police Dog training Program of the Federal Republic of Brazil, and serve as an essential foundation to their scent training program
  • As a show of R&D, scientific competence and brand trust, ScentLogix™ now produces specialty HME and IED K9 training aid configurations for US Army Rangers and Special Forces K9 Team Programs to combat the threat of IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • ScentLogix™ is recommended by more Organizational Master Trainers than any other training aid. Many Master Trainers now use ScentLogix within their personal training regimen
  • K9s trained solely on ScentLogix™ have been used to protect PROTUS (President of the United States) during his overseas engagements

ScentLogix™ K9 Training Aids Test Results

As part of its developmental process, ScentLogix™ Training Aids have been tested on over 120 experienced detector-K9s drawn from over 12 government, police and private facilities in locations that span 3 continents. In these tests, the detection capability of K9s previously protocoled and trained in the detection of illicit and hazardous materials (real drugs and explosives) using real materials is compared with the detection capability of green dogs initially trained on ScentLogix™ Training Aids (our "Reverse Product Training" studies).

The results from these tests are shown in the table below:

Dogs Trained with
Real Explosives & Narcotics
% Detection (First Pass)
Green Dogs Trained with
ScentLogix™ Training Aids
% Detection (First Pass)
Dynamite: > 98% > 99%
RDX: > 98% > 99%
TNT: > 98% > 99%
Smokeless Powder: > 98% > 98%
Semtex: > 98% > 98%
TATP: > 97% > 97%
Cocaine: > 98% > 99%
Heroin: > 98% > 99%
Meth: > 98% > 99%
Ecstasy: > 98% > 99%
Marijuana: Test in progress Test not yet commenced

Product users' continually report that using ScentLogix™ in the continued training of K9s previously trained on the real material leads to an improvement of the detecting capability of such K9s. Furthermore, our continuing studies show that if evaluated after 2 months of training, green dogs imprinted and trained on ScentLogix products have a better scope of detectability than green dogs imprinted and trained on the real substances. The reason for this difference is that real materials lack in areas that ScentLogix™ prevails. Most real materials used in training are mostly old (most narcotics and explosives training aids are over 10 years old), and used in small amounts (less or equal to 2 pounds). With our expertise in formulations nanotechnology, the scent signature of ScentLogix products is formulated to represent a material in every state of freshness, form, and in all weight amounts. The proven superior detection capacity of K9s originally imprinted and trained on ScentLogix™ products and the proven usefulness of ScentLogix™ products as a next-generation non-hazardous training aid that can be used to compliment traditional training aids and methods, establish these training aids as the best non-hazardous aids available in the world today for the training and evaluation of detector K9s!

K9 Validity Test Data

ScentLogix™ products have been extensively tested by variousorganisations. One of them is the USA DoD and their results are shown below:

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[citem title=”K9 Validity Test Data by the USA DoD” id=”citem_74″ parent=”collapse_20″]




A selection of independent articles appearing in the specialised press are shown below. These articles confirm the validity of the test results shown above and emphasize the need to use ScentLogix Training Aids as part of your regimen program.

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[citem title=”Odor Imprinting: Think Outside the Box, Police K9 Magazine, July/August 2012, Article by Ken Pavlick” id=”citem_12″ parent=”collapse_47″]

[/citem][citem title=”Pseudo Scents: Get The Facts, K-9 Cop Magazine, March/April 2012, Article by Nate Harves with Lorna Thomas” id=”citem_84″ parent=”collapse_47″]

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ScentLogix K9Logic™ Training Method

ScentLogix has developed the K9Logic™ training method, a scientifically based K9 training program which designed to be used in conjunction with ScentLogix K9 training kits to improve the search-and-detect capabilities and efficiencies of detector K9’s. This training method, the worlds first scientifically based method for the training of detector K9’s, is implemented as follows:

  1. Using the appropriate ScentLogix™ K9 training kit, train the K9 in search-and detect activities using ScentLogix™ K9 Scent Imprint Aid in conjunction with your normal training regimen or other proven methods of scent imprinting and detection.
  2. After completion of the training regimen, evaluate the K9s understanding of the training it has undergone by testing K9’s ability to detect each of the ScentLogix™ K9 Evaluation Aids supplied within the specific ScentLogix™ K9 training kit used for the training regimen.
  3. The K9 must elicit a positive response on each of the ScentLogix™ K9 Evaluation Aids within the Kit, to be deemed competent to detect the material that the kit represents.
  4. Retrain/reinforce the K9 to positively alert on those Evaluation Aids for which it did not show an alert during the above-mentioned evaluation process.
  5. The training regimen is complete when the detector creature effortlessly alerts on all Evaluation Aids available within the specific ScentLogix™ training kit.

ScentLogix K9Logic™ Evaluation Method

In addition to being used within a training regimen, ScentLogix™ K9 Evaluation Aids can also be independently used to evaluate the competence of K9s that have been trained with non-ScentLogix™ training aids, K9s trained by other training centers, or K9s trained through methods different from the center administering the evaluation.

  1. Test the presented K9s ability to detect the each of the ScentLogix™ K9 Evaluation Aids available within the ScentLogix™ K9 training kit that corresponds to the material the K9 has been trained to detect.
  2. The K9 must elicit a positive response, on each of the evaluation aids within the kit, to be deemed competent to detect such material.
  3. After the evaluation process the K9’s competence in detection can be optimized by retraining/reinforcing it to positively alert on those evaluation aids for which it did not show an alert during the evaluation process.
  4. The re-training is complete and the detector K9 is deemed competent to detect a material targeted for detection, when it effortlessly alerts on all the evaluation aids available within the specific ScentLogix™ training kit that corresponds to the material for which it is being tested.