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[citem title=”Dale Crump, Director of Operations, Canadian K9 Detection Security & Investigations Ltd, October, 2013″ id=”citem_30″ parent=”collapse_72″]

[/citem][citem title=”Paul Murphy, Detector dogs UK” id=”citem_29″ parent=”collapse_72″]

"I am a former Police dog handler (UK), now working for myself in civvy street.

Just to add my 2 pennies worth, I took receipt of a number of ScentLogix training aids some time ago, having researched them thoroughly.

I do not profess to be any kind of scientist or academic, just a bloke who handles bomb dogs!

The dog I tried the ScentLogix products on had only ever been trained on the 'real deal' as far as explosives go. He'd never even had a whiff of any kind of pseudo, or indeed any ScentLogix product in the past.

I set up a scenario in a fully working vehicle recovery garage, whereby I hid a scentlogix TNT training aid in a tool box, leaving this roughly 20 minutes to soak.

The dog was tasked to search on his own, off lead (as is the norm over the pond) and after about 10 minutes of systematically searching the area, he hit on the tool box in question first time.

I later repeated this (Obviously with different hides) with both the Semtex and Dynamite aids.

He had no problems in locating the items and tracing back to source.

I can only say positive things about the scentlogix training aids. For a dog who has only ever been trained on the real stuff, with all the usual distractions etc to indicate on the aids first time, having never trained on them before certainly opened my eyes.

Paul Murphy

Detector dogs UK

Royal Leamington Spa

Warwickshire, UK


[/citem][citem title=”Sue Watkins, Drug Dog Services LLC, September 30th, 2011″ id=”citem_28″ parent=”collapse_72″]

"Is there really any doubt in people’s minds that Scentlogix is the equivalent or better than using “the real stuff” for search dogs? If so, these must be trainers who have never used it. I cannot speak for your explosives products, but I can for your narcotic lines. Here is my story.

I have a narcotics dog that was trained using Scentlogix. She was both POST certified and California Narcotics Canine Association (CNCA) certified on Meth, Cocaine, Ectasy, and Heroin before the age of three. As you are aware the CNCA certification is one of the toughest in the country. Gulia passed it on her first try. It is important to note than Gulia was a totally “green” dog to narcotics.

I want to thank you for your development of this terrific aid. The fact that dogs cannot distinguish it from “real” drugs is proven… but the real beauty of your product lies in the ability to produce outstanding dogs. Here is how.

I keep my Scentlogix in the frig. In the beginning, I used the entire “aid” to imprint the scent. Soon I realized that it was becoming too easy for her. That is when the fun began! I started by placing a few cotton balls in the packet overnight. The next morning, I would hide the cotton ball instead of the “aid”. Found.. got it.

Then the real life training began:

I always keep a variety of cotton balls, material, etc… imprinted with the scent. I then take these items and wrap them in cellophane, foil, baggies, paper, whatever and use them for hides. This works great for I can have them hid by others and not worry about them. It’s as easy as …eating a Big Mac, throwing a cotton ball in the bag.. and tossing it into the dumpster. Suddenly I have a hid with no worries. It’s just a big game for my dog, but here are a few ways I use them.

•    I take one of your aids, wrap it in cellophane, then foil and ask the gardener to bury it on my property. Next day… or two days later… I do a search. She finds it!

•    I wrap a couple of cotton balls up in foil and when I have friends over, I send them home with it. They hid it in their house and I return within the next week to find it. Success!

•    She trains at our local university a lot, so I will ask “kids” to throw a few in the garbage cans… I wait for 30 minutes or so… Found!

•    Our local neighborhood kids love to try to outsmart her! I will give them packets to hid, in yards, under stones, in planters, garbage cans, bushes, it turns out to be entertainment for them (and challenging) and great training for Gulia.

•    I go to my local “pet superstore”. I drop off a foil, cellophane, paper wrapped item and then return later in the day. What a challenge. She searches through dog food, cat food, toys, etc. This is great because the staff loves to watch her search and there are so many distractions! People, pets, it’s all there. Yet she finds it!

•    This is my favorite! I load various items into a scent wheel. Something like ½ pound fresh coffee into six containers. In one, I hid your aid (wrapped in plastic, then foil). I let it sit overnight. She finds it!

These “real life searches” would be very difficult to do with real drugs. As far as I am concerned, I think that Gulia’s training with Scentlogix is the reason she is so good. She cannot tell the difference between your product and the real stuff, but by using Scentlogix she has become a better “seeker” and I a better “handler” because I do not know where the items are hidden. And believe me, it has become a game with many… trying to outsmart the dog! Just so your readers know, I always wear gloves when handling the product and I also hide foil or whatever with material or cotton without scent just to keep her honest!

In short, I am a big fan of Scentlogix due to the flexibility it allows me. I am in the process of training an additional dog at this time and he is doing well. I will “test” him on real drugs shortly but I do not expect any problems. My only complaint with your company is your lack of “pharmaceutical scents”. Really, how long do I have to wait?

All the best,

Sue Watkins

Drug Dog Services LLC"

[/citem][citem title=”Fred Kemper, MNPS Security K9 Handler/Trainer, Nashville Public Schools” id=”citem_27″ parent=”collapse_72″]

[/citem][citem title=”Roger Wooldridge, Celtic K9 Security, 02/09/2010″ id=”citem_26″ parent=”collapse_72″]

Hello David,

I am writing to express my delight at my company Celtic K9 Security being the first company/organisation to be approved to use your products in the United Kingdom. After speaking to a few well known trainers in the U.S.A. and receiving nothing but positives about your products I decided the only thing to do was try them myself. I am so pleased with the products even right down to the way they are packed and the support and advice from David over the phone.

See the video I posted using your heroin products at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNpDStEBABA.

Your products are great! I will use nothing but Scentlogix products in the future for training my Detection Dogs. I am not using the products because I don't have access to live scents, I am Home Office licensed to carry live drugs for the purpose of dog training, the reason I use them is because they are better to train with than the "real stuff". We are only allowed small amounts of live drugs for training purposes and this poses problems if we conduct a search where large amounts are present, this will not pose a problem for any dogs trained by Celtic K9 Security from now on as Scentlogix products will not only allow the dog to give a good positive indication at source for small amounts, but also larger, more substantial amounts too. I am soon to be ordering Scentlogix Explosive products to be used for the training of Explosive Detection Dogs, by using these products it allow us to carry out real-life training scenarios without endagering the public, whether it be drugs or explosives.

I am proud to be associated with Scentlogix products and consider David Adebimpe to be a friend on the other end of the phone should I need advice, I am positive that by using Scentlogix products the reputation of Celtic K9 Security trained dogs will grow and grow. I look forward to a long and successful partnership with Scentlogix and recommend their products to anyone helping in the fight against drugs and terrorism.

Roger Wooldridge

Celtic K9 Security


[/citem][citem title=”Ed Frawley, Owner of Leerburg.com and The Leerburg Forum” id=”citem_25″ parent=”collapse_72″]

“So to all new bomb dog trainers who find themselves looking for training information I would recommend this product. I would also pass a caution that you always need to keep an open mind. Just about the time you think you know everything a new training concept wanders in and challenges you and your old school training ideas.”

Ed Frawley

Owner of Leerburg.com and The Leerburg Forum


[/citem][citem title=”Debbie Kandoll, Military Working Dog Adoptions” id=”citem_24″ parent=”collapse_72″]

Dear ScentLogix,

Your product was totally amazing! Benny had NO TROUBLE alerting on the 'Real Stuff"! The demos went BRILLIANTLY!! when working with pseudo stuff before, Benny would always hesitate as if to say…"I KNOW you want me to pick this one…but this is NOT the real thing!" :-)

Thank you for the AMAZING service and tool you are providing to all who wish to train their K-9s for narcotics and explosives detection! You are a true Patriot!!

I hope your Holidays will be blessed! Again, THANK YOU for ALL you help!!

Warmest wishes!!!

Debbie Kandoll


[/citem][citem title=”SGT James Hxxxxx, Xxxx,xxxx Iraq” id=”citem_23″ parent=”collapse_72″]

Hi Dave,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. The scent kit is getting allot of use by our dogs here. I think overall its helping them be more proficient on multiple odors. We usually mix them with the conventional explosives already in our scent kits. not much protocol training was done. we initially just set the odors in random hides and let the dogs work it out. some had trouble on the rdx initially. the other odors they responded on like any other odor they were trained on. I tend to use the kit allot when i am out in sector during search operations as i feel safer carrying them when i need to do a drop aid to keep the my K9 working and interested.

My opinion is that they are a great asset to have in ADDITION to our traditional kit.


SGT James Hxxxxx

Xxxx,xxxx Iraq

[/citem][citem title=”Paul Samuelson, North Iowa K-9, 12/15/2009″ id=”citem_22″ parent=”collapse_72″]


Dear David,

I just want to thank you for enhancing the training opportunities for Police K-9’s. I purchased the ScentLogix Heroin and Cocaine approximately 8 months ago and have been using it regularly ever since. I combine the ScentLogix training aids with the “live” narcotics obtained from the D.E.A. every training session. The dogs that I have trained have had ABSOLUTELY no problems finding the “live” narcotics thanks to the ScentLogix training aids.

The ScentLogix training aids are very impressive due to the high volume of odor vapor (what we would call pounds/ounces/grams). It is impossible for me as a trainer to obtain 500 pounds of any controlled substance. And where would one store such a large amount of narcotics? The ScentLogix training aids allow me to expose my dogs to high thresholds of controlled substance odor.

The ScentLogix training aids are very compact and lightweight. This allows me to easily store them in my freezer and use them on a daily basis. I also “supersoak” several cottonballs with the ScentLogix training aids and then hide the cottonball in various locations for the K-9’s to alert to.

The ScentLogix training aids are priced appropriately and worth every penny of your investment! Your K-9 will be much more reliable while on the street if you combine the ScentLogix training aids with your “live” training aids. Every K-9 street cop cringes when their dog “walks a hide” while on a search. If the ScentLogix training aids are used, your dog should not be walking any more hides while deployed on the street. Narcotic odor varies from Region to Region. California Cocaine may not smell the same as Indiana Cocaine to a Narcotic Detector Dog. The ScentLogix training aids assist the K-9’s with immediate odor recognition followed by the final response (aggressive/passive) alert.

In 2009 I trained 2 dogs that competed at the United States Police Canine Association’s National Narcotic Detector Dog Trials held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The dogs that I trained got 1st and 2nd place out of numerous dogs from various departments from the United States. Both of these dogs train regularly with the ScentLogix training aids!

I highly recommend ScentLogix for any K-9 Team that wishes to broaden their training horizons and make their K-9 more reliable on the street.

Paul Samuelson

North Iowa K-9


[/citem][citem title=”Dale Crump, Director, Canadian K9 detection Security & Investigations Ltd.” id=”citem_21″ parent=”collapse_72″]

Dear David:


We are writing in support of your extremely well designed training aids for use in detection canine work and training.

We have used several products over the many years we have been in business and find the ScentLogix aids to be the finest and most definitive product we have ever used. The effectiveness of these products is attested to by the reaction (alert) of our canines. We utilize both narcotics and explosives detection canines and watching the similarity of the alert to the ScentLogix aids and the genuine scents is remarkable. In training, the alert of our canines is as sharp and concise as when we are using the ‘real’ products.

There are other benefits as well. For example, our handlers report feeling more confident while using your product. The ScentLogix aids, being based on parent scent, appear clearer and more easily detectable than pseudo or NESTT products.

We have very restrictive laws in Canada concerning the handling of explosives and narcotics. These training aids allow for a broader set of training scenarios. We can take them anywhere, keeping our canines and handlers up to date while staying within our provincial and federal laws.

We will continue to exclusively use the ScentLogix™ aids and look forward to our mutual success.

Kindest regards,

Dale Crump, Director

Canadian K9 detection Security & Investigations Ltd.


[/citem][citem title=”Yann Lesourd, Centre d’Instruction et d’Entraînement Cynophile” id=”citem_20″ parent=”collapse_72″]

From Yann Lesourd. He bought the ScentLogix "Signature Series" SSE 100 Explosives Detection Bundled Kit…


I am fully satisfied with your products. I had an intern that I trained on your products and after three months I spent on the dog real explosives and dogs found them all without any problems. I've made a little video put on youtube. I attached my testimony in french you can put on your site. I had a question about the Dynamite. That's Dynamite calendar (based on ammonium nitrate) or military (Nitroglycerin)?



Vidéo Scentlogix : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuQ6j0il4c8

Commentaire : Je m'appelle Yann LESOURD et je dirige un Centre d'Instruction et d'Entraînement Cynophile. Nous formons des chiens à l'Intervention, la détection de Stupéfiants, la détection d'Explosifs etc … Depuis 03 mois, j'utilise les produits Scentlogix-k9 pour la détection d'Explosifs et j'ai pu constater une réelle aide à la formation sans utiliser des charges dangereuses et parfois instables. A la différence des produits de synthèse, il n'y a aucuns décalages. C'est un produit révolutionnaire dans l'aide à la formation et transportable en tous lieux. Je recommande vivement les produits Scentlogix.

[/citem][citem title=”Duke Ferguson, Certified Master Dog Trainer, Owner of Unleashed Potential K9″ id=”citem_19″ parent=”collapse_72″]

Well David, I am very impressed with ScentLogix training aids. When I flew in to KY USA to attend the 2009 Police K9 HITS Seminar I had no Idea I would be introduced to such a great product. Prior to demonstrating on demo day I had no access to Narcotics. This is where I met you and was introduced to ScentLogix (and I'm glad for that). Before the demonstration I had a little concern so I tested it on my K9 "Nitro". He had never smelled ScentLogix product before and I was interested to see what he would do. I took 4 clean training boxes and had someone properly place the ScentLogix Cocaine imprint aid in one of the boxes. The boxes were placed outside in the hotel parking lot. We were parked down wind of the boxes and Nitro was in odor as soon as I opened the truck door. I let him go to the boxes on his own about 40 to 50 feet away and he ran and sat with intensity on the box with the ScentLogix Cocaine in it and stared at the box. I was more than thrilled!!

Since then I have been using ScentLogix Training aids. I love the fact that I can use a high quality training aid anywhere I go with no issues. I now train with out having to worry about anything. No more worries about paperwork, shrinkage, location, or Safety. This product is so easy to handle, use and hide. I have personally seen ScentLogix tested on other K9's and with success.

Good Job David!!

Thanks for Making ScentLogix Training Aids!!

Duke Ferguson

Certified Master Dog Trainer

Owner of Unleashed Potential K9

PEI, Canada


[/citem][citem title=”Kathy McKinzie, US Contact, Stealth Paws” id=”citem_18″ parent=”collapse_72″]

"I am currently working a young dog for detection of narcotics. At this stage of training my narcotics detecting K9 was pretty accurate, although some hesitation from time to time. I was a little nervous about introducing, what I thought would be a “new” variable to our already progressive training schedule.

My dog indicated stronger than ever on the ScentLogix Cocaine Scent training aid. Since our initial trial, I have progressed more than I thought possible, and now have no reason to look back.

I took, what I thought was, a real chance with our training. I did because I never liked the risk involved with possible exposure. What I found was an absolute safe product that is able to take all the guess work out of training.

In my “experiment” I obtained only one of the scents. I am now convinced the ScentLogix training aids are all I will ever need. Not only has this product sped up our efficiency training, but I now feel even more confident in my dog to be effective in any situation!

Thank you, ScentLogix!!"

Kathy McKinzie

US Contact, Stealth Paws

Missouri, USA


[/citem][citem title=”Tomas Irizarry, Winstar Nightwatch Kennel, Inc” id=”citem_17″ parent=”collapse_72″]

"Winstar Nightwatch Kennel, Inc. DBA: WinstarprK9 has been training dogs in narcotics detection for several years. Our program is built on the utilization of narcotic pseudos during training and real drug for certification. We consider the safety of our dogs our number one priority and have found effectiveness and accuracy in our methodology. This is demonstrated in our success rate during certification.

This year we introduced ScentLogix (cocaine) in our training program. The results were significant. Our new trainees hit and retained the scent in half the time it took with the other pseudos. Our experienced narcotic detectors were more motivated and assertive when utilizing the ScentLogix pseudos. We highly recommend this product and look forward to further developing our narcotics detection program with ScentLogix as our primary tool."

Tomas Irizarry

Breeder and Trainer

Winstar Nightwatch Kennel, Inc

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico


[/citem][citem title=”Deputy Christopher W. Rhodes, MathewsNarcoticsK9Fund” id=”citem_16″ parent=”collapse_72″]

"I have been training my narcotics canine Zoey with both DEA narcotics and evidence narcotics up till just recently.

When training with my evidence narcotics I always noticed a quick change in behavior with my canine. When I train with my DEA narcotics it actually takes my canine longer to locate the narcotics. I only use my evidence narcotics that are tested by the state lab and found only to contain pure narcotics. DEA narcotics are over 10 years old due to the fact that the DEA has to hold them in evidence during the 10 year federal appeals deadline. My local street narcotics only have to be held as evidence for 10 days after court due to the 10 day appeals deadline here in Virginia.

I am not a scientist but I can come to the logical conclusion that over time the odor fades away or may even change as the narcotics break down over time. I am also sure that the evidence narcotics also get contaminated with other narcotics odors while being stored.

I have recently trained Zoey with the Scent Logix odors. I DID NOT have to train my canine to alert on them, she alerted to them just like the were the real thing. By having training aids of this type I know exactly what odors my dog is smelling since they are not handled by some evidence clerk who is going to just throw the marijuana in the locker with the cocaine and have the odors all contaminated. In addition since these are non-narcotics I can train with them in public places like ball fields and even on public side walks. There is no security risk, no hazard to the public and my canine seems to be getting better by using Scent Logix. These training aids should be part of any canine training program."

Deputy Christopher W. Rhodes


[/citem][citem title=”Fred Hassen, CEO/Owner/Founder, Sit Means Sit Dog Training” id=”citem_15″ parent=”collapse_72″]

"My first experience with Scentlogix-K9 ScentKits was at the 2009 LAWDOG seminar conference held in Las Vegas. We were about to do a demonstration of our training and handling technique which combines scent detection and bite-work when we realized that there were no narcotics available for the demonstration. We then acquired a ScentLogix-K9 heroin training aid from the ScentLogix vendor stand and appropriately planted it, and the demonstration commenced with our narcotics detector k9 doing an area search.

I must say that I was very impressed with my first-time use of the ScentLogix heroin aid. Our narcotics-detecting k9's alert on the aid was both instantaneous and with absolute certainty. The scent was initially hidden under a suitcase and my K9 actually pushed the suitcase aside and pulled the training aid out from under the suitcase. After that, the training aid had to be moved into the suitcase due to continued alerting by the K9.

In fact, throughout the demonstration, our K9 would continuously go back to the suitcase, scraping and scratching at it in an attempt to get it open, and it was very obvious that the K9 was sure that there were definitely narcotics within the suitcase. This confirms to me that ScentLogix narcotic training aids surely do work, stand up to your claim as being a gold standard in detector-K9 training aids.

I have no hesitation in purchasing them and using them for our training and demonstration purposes both in the field and in civilian populated areas and will have no hesitation in recommending them to those that might need non-hazardous narcotic training aids for the same purpose. We commend you for making a first-class training aid and making them available for trainers and handlers alike."

Fred Hassen CEO/Owner/Founder

Sit Means Sit Dog Training – The Largest U.S. based dog training company in the history of the United States.

[/citem][citem title=”Sergeant Tom Yarrington, Fontana Police Department, K-9 Unit” id=”citem_14″ parent=”collapse_72″]

"We have been using a ScentLogix-K9 training aid for a few months now. Being a trainer, as well as a police sergeant with 17 years of law enforcement experience, I have had the opportunity to test several different training aids / odors. I have not liked any of them! That is until I found ScentLogix.

If you recall when we first spoke, I was very skeptical. This was due to my past experiences with other products. Your product has changed my opinion and I am glad we found it. Not only did we utilize your training aid with our newest K9 team during their basic class, we have had the opportunity to train with several K9 teams from surrounding cities. All of the K9 teams had a very positive experience with your product. In fact, many of them should be ordering from you soon.

ScentLogix-K9 training aids make sense. They are safer, easier to handle, are not hazardous and take up less room when storing. ScentLogix-K9 training aids allows the handler to train without worry. Your product works great and is well worth every penny!

Thanks again for a great product!"

Sergeant Tom Yarrington

Fontana Police Department

K-9 Unit

[/citem][citem title=”Eric Crawford, Canine Enforcement Officer, KS” id=”citem_13″ parent=”collapse_72″]

"I want to thank you for putting out a product of this quality. My explosives detection dog was initially imprinted on live TATP, but due to my location, safety concerns, and the lack of live training aids, I was more than a little concerned about his retention of the odor. I received your Scentlogix TATP, set up an up-wind find, and he immediately went to source and gave a very strong alert.

For the next six months I trained intermittently with the aid, and the next time he was exposed to live odor, he impressed me with a very quick and very strong alert. In fact the other trainers couldn’t believe that it had been over a year since he had last been exposed to live TATP. With ScentLogix TATP, there was no need for any re-imprinting. I am absolutely sold on this product. Thank you."

Eric Crawford

Canine Enforcement Officer, KS

[/citem][citem title=”Austin Moon, Deputy Sheriff, K9, Virginia, USA” id=”citem_12″ parent=”collapse_72″]

"I have been training detector dogs for the military and civilian for over 11 years now. I have been able usually to get explosives or narc to train with.

Initially I was skeptical about the ScentLogix product because I have used pseudo aides before and didn't like the inconsistent responses elicited by K9's. I will have to tell you that when I put out the tagged RDX scent aid, I was like "here we go lets see if it works." Then I ran a scan on the locker where we put the aid and I had a immediate change of behavior and my dog made a final response like he had just hit the mother load of all aides! It was a clear alert – nothing like where the dog sniffs for a few seconds to ensure that was what he was smelling was the right stuff.

I am very happy with the product and use it with confidence. If you are leery about it, buy one odor and try it. You cannot compare this to NESTT because its effectiveness is totally different. I feel confident telling you that ScentLogix works and I now use it myself all the time.

Thank you ScentLogix for such a wonderful training aid!"

Austin Moon

Deputy Sheriff, K9

Virginia, USA

[/citem][citem title=”Spetsnaz K-9″ id=”citem_11″ parent=”collapse_72″]

"The use of ScentLogix K9 Scent kits allows us to fully simulate scenarios that replicate, to the maximum extent possible, the most-realistic conditions that can be experienced in incident response."

Spetsnaz K-9