ScentLogix™ K9 Scent Detection Training Aids

The ScentLogix™ K9 Scentkits for the Detection of Illicit and Hazardous Substances are the world's first scientifically developed, purpose built, multiplatform scent kit for the evaluation and training of detection K9’s. The currently available explosives and narcotic detection scentkits were developed to provide essential scent signatures of explosives and narcotics, which, in conjunction with a comprehensive training regiment, will enhance the scope of detection of canines and other search-and-detect creatures towards the detection of these substances.

ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits have been formulated to produce scent signatures identical to the freshly made form of its representative hazardous material. This is because freshly made explosives have broader scent signatures and produces all the necessary odoriferous markers for an effective search-and-detect training program, especially those markers that are absent within old explosives. Thus, ScentLogix ™ provides the full spectrum of scent components within a hazardous material and releases these odors in a way that characteristics are retained for as long a possible. 

Furthermore, being essentially fragrances, ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKit components are non-detonable, non-narcotic, and so can be handled, transported, used, and stored in methods and forms, which, as hazardous substances, would otherwise be hazardous or impossible.

As a purpose built kit, ScentLogix™ ScentKits for the Detection of Illicit and Hazardous Substances truly provides both K9 trainers and K9-involved scientists with scientific tools and methods to enhance their respective programs. For trainers, it helps with running effective search-and-detect programs; for scientists, it provides the tools to help make those logical enquiries that build up into formidable postulations in structure-odor relationships, mammalian olfactory gene expression and allow cross-pollinating investigations into non-mammalian olfactory processes. Only with enhanced collaborations between scientist and trainers can breakthroughs in search-and-detect training methodologies and the scientific understanding of the olfactory workings of K9’s, their olfactory limits, and applications to biological and non-biological olfaction occur.

All ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits are available in either parent odor or in scent simulant configurations. Scent simulant configurations are particularly useful for advanced research and development work involving the comparison to the responses of biological and electronic detectors to surrogate scents.

With the deft use of ScentLogix™ K9 ScentKits trainers can be more truly involved in being part of a process that, through scientific discovery, showcases K9s as what they justly are – a man’s best friend with an olfactory search-and-detect capacity that surpasses the best electronic detectors available – and help propel canines to the helm of R&D attention and appropriations from both government and industry as vanguards in the protection of infrastructure and citizenry.

ScentLogix™ EVD Devices & Instrument Calibration Aids

The ScentLogix™ Electronic Vapour Detection (EVD) Calibration Scent Kits are the world’s first purpose built  non-hazardous scent kits for devices and instruments that use vapour sampling methods for the detection of illicit and hazardous substances, such as explosives and narcotics, for implementing research activities and for the generation of realistic training programs and scenarios involving these instruments.

Such EVD instruments include large port-of-entry type detection instruments such as Ionscan Sentinel II (made by Smiths detection), VE6000® (made by Scintrex Trace), EntryScan Series (made by GE), portable commercial systems such as Mobile Trace, StreetLab, Itemiser, Itemizer FX (made by GE) Ionscan Series, Saber 4000 (made by Smiths Detection), the EGISTM Defender Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) System (made by Thermo Scientific), Mini-Nose™ 1000 Series (made by Scent Detection Technologies), E5000®, N2000®, E3xxx® and EVD® 3xxx Series of detectors (made by Scintrex Trace), Fido XT (made by ICx Technologies) and for laboratory bench instruments used in electronic nose, optical, IR/Raman, THz and other R&D activities in vapour detection.

The Kits comprise of research-grade scent signatures and integrants that can be used for a vast array of methodical R&D in explosives and narcotics vapour detection. Furthermore, being essentially fragrances, ScentLogix™ EVD Scent Kits' components are non-detonable and non-narcotic and so can be handled, transported, used and stored in methods and forms, which, as hazardous substances, would otherwise be dangerous or impossible.

Just like the ScentLogix™ K9 Explosives Detection Scentkit, ScentLogix™ EVD ScentKits are available for a full spectrum of chemical explosives, including entropy-burst explosives such as TATP and HMTD, in either parent odour or in scent simulant configurations. Scent simulant configurations are particularly useful for advanced research and development work involving the comparison to the responses of surrogate scents to electronic detectors. 

Tripwire Operations Group Inert Explosive Products

ScentLogix™ is very proud to be able to offer for sale a selection of Inert Explosive Training Kits and Simulants developed by the Tripwire Operations Group.

The Tripwire Operations Group is made up of highly trained professionals with vast experience in law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical service, hazardous materials, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), special response teams (SRT), corporate security and bomb squad functions. It provides products and services used for public safety, emergency response and homeland security and supports hundreds of public agencies with training courses, training equipment, and operational supplies. Tripwire’s professional instructors have trained over 7000 first responders from local, state, and federal agencies as well as military personnel in specialized response to critical incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological / nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) materials.

Tripwire Operations Group have developed the latest in inert explosive products for use in training and evaluation. Their team of security specialists, chemists, electricians and production technicians continues to develop new training aids, using the most advanced technologies. Their goal is to enhance the human factor in the security sector, through the use of technology, education and training.

"These products are unlike any other available on the market today. They visually and tactilely replicate their live explosive counterparts. In addition they will appear the same as live explosives on any x-ray system and will register an alarm for machines with an explosive detection algorithm programmed into them. Each different kit we offer provides very unique and realistic training opportunities."

NuviFlex™ Hip & Joint Formula

NuviFlex™ is an all-natural nutritional supplement for pets that actively supports healthy joints and cartilage for your dog or cat. It is a superior joint supplement to those currently available on the market.

Whether your pet is young or old, joint health is vital to the happiness and well being of your pet. Taking care of your best friend will ensure that they can continue to take care of you the way they always have. NuviFlex™ is the simple way to help ensure that your pet's joints stay healthy and strong through the course of their whole lives. Six active ingredients (five ingredients for the cat hip and joint formula) work synergistically to support joint health, increase joint strength and viscosity, and protect joint cartilage from damage and wear. We use only the highest quality 100% human-grade ingredients.

The NuviFlex™ Hip & Joint Formula is manufactured in the USA at Olympus' cGMP and FDA registered facility.

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Scent Detection Training Accessories

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