R & D

Specialised Scent & Odour Engineering

ScentLogix™ specializes in:

  • The engineering of non-hazardous scent simulants of hazardous materials such as explosives, narcotics, moulds, nerve gases and chemical warfare agents for both K9 and electronic vapour detection;
  • The development of odours and molecular taggants that can be used in human watermarking or material-taggings, whereby movements of tagged item can thereafter be tracked by canines, other living biological detectors or optoelectronic detectors. We can formulate training aids for any scenario whatsoever.

Our applied R&D does not end in the detector-K9 realm. Expertise includes optimizing the sensitivity and selectivity of vapor and particulate detection systems; reducing the dimensionalities of sensor data; development of hybridized and multimodal GC/IR/MS/THz systems, MEMS systems, electronic nose sensor arrays, data fusion of multimodal detection systems, and the fabrication of surrogate scents and scent stimulants for R&D and calibration of vapor detecting machines.


Odour and Molecular Taggants for Covert Tracking and Watermarking


We are interested in R&D involving the production of odours and molecular taggants that can be used in tagging individuals or objects, whereby movements of tagged item can thereafter be tracked by canines, other living biological detectors or optoelectronic detectors. Contacts made by tagged item can also be identified through transfer of taggant material.


Multimodal Detection Systems


Our particular R&D interest in this area lies in singular-but-multimodal detection systems that utilize disparate principles for detection, such as a GC/IR/MS multimodal ensemble, and the challenges presented by fusion of the orthogonal data provided by individual technologies that comprise the system.


Odour Conversion of Environmental Effluents Before their Release into the Atmosphere


We are on the cutting edge of surface science R&D and will welcome enquires pertaining to the incorporation of perquisite properties into high surface area, solid catalytic supports that will convert odoriferous gaseous effluents into non-odoriferous biodegradable, or even pleasing, surrogate scents before release into the environment.


Odours of Relevance to Social and National Security


We can create scents that can act as mood modifiers in the training of personnel and troops. Such scents can be used for:

  • Making taught content extremely immersive and compelling – for example, provide a heightened sense of reality during in-field and computer-based combat training programs,
  • Creating moods and intensifying targeted emotions such as happiness and anxiety, fear and love,
  • Reinforcing the ability to recollect places, situations, circumstances, and seasons,
  • Modulation of behavioral aspects, as a determinant of behavior.

K9 Scent Detection

ScentLogix™ researches into the development of training paradigms that can enhance the detection capabilities of K9s and that can be applied to the training of other creatures in the art of search-and-detect and are breaking new frontiers in detection science. ScentLogix™ is committed to efforts leading to the production of the best detector dogs for the protection of out nation's infrastructure and citizenry and welcomes enquiries about the formulation of specialized scent formats and formulations to fulfill the R&D needs of both behavioral psychologists and K9 trainers at certifiable agencies and establishments.

Electronic Vapour Detection (EVD)

ScentLogix™'s interests include the development of chemoresistive sensory elements for electronic nose technology using functionalized conductive polymers based on the pyrrole, thiophene and carbon nanotube framework and the fabrication of scents and scent simulants for R&D in this area. In addition to our scent formulation capabilities, our expertise also includes the use of applied statistical and computing methods to reduce the dimensionality of data collected from the use of sensor arrays.